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Dienstag, 28. Juni 2011

Be the one in a million

Feel the difference between the pictures, while watching yourself.  

"Whenever you see a cruel picture like this, 
send a prayer for victim and perpetrator. 
Cover it like a little butterfly in your hands, and let it fly away with love"

  Another way of killing dogs (galgos) in spain. 
A stick in their mouth, so they die of hunger and thurst. 
This agony can endure various days
...and does not cost anything!

People do things, you wouldn't believe they do. If you see pictures like that (only one example up here...), you can't help anymore. But you can pray for that kind of wicked people. I know! It is really hard not to feel helpless and angry, but don't comment on these pictures, with words and feelings of hatred and revenge. 
In these times we all must reverse the polarity of ourselves. If you like peace and love on earth, you have to send it out first. Revenge and hatred will only poison yourself. Whenever you see things like that, remember: You wasn't there, you couldn't help. Yes! You can help and send money to support groups on site, or sourround you with charity and prayer. A loving prayer is over tenthousand times stronger than a word of hatred. And you can be the ONE IN A MILLION, that is sending out of LOVE instead of HATE. 

"May the force, usually called as god, illuminate those peoples hearts"
Bex prayer@murderer

...and remember, as long as you eat animals, there is no reason to get upset about that!
Denke daran, Du mußt nicht an einen Gott glauben um zu beten.  

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  1. Brilliant, my respect for this clear open words regarding hate, anger, annoyance, resentment and negative awareness